The challenge of recruiting new team members for your workplace

In my job, I am always recruiting. Trying to find the right person(s) to join my team(s) can be an arduous task, and in a world where I receive 400+ applications for each position I advertise, it’s safe to say that I put a lot of time into finding those great people that I want to come and work with me.

I sift through hundreds of applications, and find the few that truly appeal to me. The others will almost always receive a rejection letter, given how easy it is to do that now with the online recruiting websites. Good experience is the key to getting an interview, and then the interview is often an opportunity for me to just meet them in person, and get a feel for their personality and how that would fit into my already existing team. I often say, if you’ve been invited to an interview with me, that means I’d likely hire you based on your CV. The interview is the personality test which, in my line of work, is possibly the most important part of the entire recruitment process. Continue reading →