8 things you should know now you have a newborn baby



If you never read this, that’s absolutely fine by me.

I set up this blog a number of weeks ago. I had wrestled with the idea of doing it for a long time, then one night the urge became too strong and before I knew it I was purchasing TheStoryOfDad.com. Once the domain was mine, I found myself just staring at the screen. Suddenly, all the ideas I had for this page seemed unexciting, and dare I say it…boring?

There’s one simple fact we must all face at this point, in my first blog entry for this website. That fact? This is an absolutely, 100%, unoriginal blog concept. Hell, the sheer issue I had finding a suitable domain name that was actually available was proof of that! It would seem, in 2015, there are a lot of dads out there who have found their voices and want to speak to the world at large about their parenting journey.

Suddenly, faced with the realisation that I had nothing to offer with this blog that other people weren’t already doing with their own (and many of them much better than I ever will!), I was reminded of something very important: I never wanted to do this for anyone else, I wanted to do it for me.

There’s a good chance not a single person on the planet will ever read what I write here, and that’s okay by me. I just need a place to put some of my crazy thoughts and stories together, and somehow chart my journey from failure as a man to success as a father. Maybe I’ll collect all these entries into something of a book for my child, so that one day he’ll be able to look back at the story of his dad and either smile with pride, or shake his head in shame.

Either way, I’ve a lot to say, and I’m paying a yearly fee to say it right here, so just you try to stop me.

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