Baby weight

A lot has happened in the time since I last wrote here and, whilst I intended to tell many stories to you over the past few weeks, I have been so ill that even the thought of trying to write a somewhat sensible blog entry made me dizzy. But I’m on the mend, and maybe I’ll tell you all those stories another time. For now, I’m staying with recent events.


Despite what the above photo might imply, I have not somehow become a surrogate carrier for my child. No, instead I have simply started attending my first birth-related classes.

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Basket = Done

When Katie returned from her trip back home this weekend, she brought with her numerous pieces of baby gear that we still had back at her parents house in Cardiff. Amongst them, the Moses Basket that my parents bought for us as a present (along with an absolutely ridiculous amount of extra things too!).

I decided not to waste any time, and get the basket put together today. Okay, that’s a slight lie as I wrongly remembered the stand as being already constructed, so I had assumed I’d just be pulling it out of the box and standing it up. Oh, how my memory failed me.

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Demolition Man

Being that I’ve lived in Birmingham permanently for about six months now, and in Cardiff for seven years before that, you could say I’m used to being away from home. My family live in my hometown of Swansea, although one of my sisters ironically moved to Cardiff two months after I left there, and so I’m quite accustomed to seeing family members only a few times a year. In fact, I guess I’ve always somewhat preferred it that way.

Katie’s family are based in Cardiff, which is two hours away from us by car. My family are a further hour away on top of that, and so we’ve often wondered how we are going to handle the issue of our baby spending quality time with his grandparents. A couple weeks ago, Katie had a great idea: a sofa bed.

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The Force was Awakened…

It is inevitable that my son will one day watch Star Wars. I have accepted this fact, and even though I’m not particularly a fan of the franchise, I’ve started to get excited at the thought of being with my boy the first time he watches Luke Skywalker face off against Darth Vader. Without question, he’s going to love himself some lightsaber battles! Hell, who doesn’t?

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The True Reveal of Dad

The Story of Dad would not be complete without a true reveal about my level of geek. Or nerd. Whichever is the cool one nowadays.

I’d spent a long time being sure that this website would be specific to my journey as a father but, as time has gone on, I’ve realised it’s a whole lot more than that. It’s a little peak into my life, and all the things that make it up. And God knows that my love for action movies and television will absolutely shape my parenting techniques and the hobbies I force/encourage my child to enjoy with me.

With that in mind, I’m going to open up this website up a little bit more, and cover all aspects of my life. Baby, dog, cat, the Lady, what I cooked for dinner (or ordered in, as is most often the case!), what I watched on TV, and so on; it’s all fair game now, whether you like it or not! Also, if you never hear from me again, it’s because Katie murdered me after realising I listed her after the baby, the cat, and the dog. Women are very funny about that sort of thing, I’ve come to realise.

So, a bit of writing about nothing tonight, but be aware that lots more is coming! Oh, and the nursery isĀ almost complete and ready to be fully revealed. Given I’m no longer a home owner, and am renting again (I can thank my divorce for that!), we haven’t been able to go wild on the room itself, but all the little bits and pieces we are putting in there look lovely, and I can’t wait to get it finished.