Newborn photography – save your money!

After toying with a side business in photography a number of years ago, I’m lucky enough to have myself a Canon 600D SLR. For anyone not in the know, that’s a pretty decent camera. And for a guy who didn’t have a clue how to use a lens and such when be brought it, it’s a bloody amazing camera. Sadly, it’s spent a lot of years stored away in a nice little bag.

Baby photography costs a lot of money, it turns out. Too much, in fact. Far too much. So, when it came to wanting some decent photos of my son, I decided to look into doing it myself. Time got away from me not long after, and ultimately I didn’t explore this area anywhere near as much as I would’ve liked, but below are two photos I took on a whim with my 600D that I decided to give the professional touch, following five simple steps in a guide at


These photos were taken roughly a week after birth, so anyone who has seen a baby at one week old knows that Harrison’s skin wasn’t quite as wonderfully pink and smooth as it appears above. But that goes to show just how decent a job you can do at home, if you have access to Photoshop (£9.99 per month now, I believe?), and follow the steps in the guide I linked to. Save your money for nappies, I say.

I’ve taken plenty of better photos of Harrison on my phone, if I’m honest, so you won’t need a fancy expensive camera to get the shots you need. Any photo you like that just needs that little touch up for make your angel look even more angelic, just make sure your photo is in focus, then follow the guide here.


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