It’s been a cinematic start to the year…

With a lot of free time on my hands before the arrival of Baby, and a partner who’s spending most of her time either at work or in bed trying to rid herself of her sickness, I’ve found myself watching a lot of films on Netflix these past few years. So, some quick thoughts on them:

Constantine: Ten years old, and I’ve wanted to watch it for about that long. It’s a DC Comics movie, about a guy who keeps the balance in the battle between good and bad on Earth. Very good movie, and I think it would be more appreciated her it made now rather than ten years ago.

Jupiter Ascending: Pure garbage. What an absolute waste of my time, and the sad part is that I knew after just five minutes that it was going to be bad. I will never watch this movie ever again.

The Way Way Back: Absolutely loved this. I’m a huge fan of Steve Carell’s work on The Office (US), and so it was great to see him in yet another movie here. This guy is damn good, but I feel people only remember him for Anchorman and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The movie was great and, if you like those coming of age dramas, you need to watch this.

Wish I Was Here: Wanted to watch this for a long time. Zach Braff is the man (big Scrubs fan here!), and this was the second movie that he wrote and directed (crowdfunded too). I think this might actually be better than Garden State, which was his first effort, and again it’s a family drama that really makes you think. Almost brought me to tears too, and I’m a hard bastard!

A.C.O.D. (Adult Children of Divorce): This film kind of went in a direction towards the end that seemed a little nuts, but after some consideration later on, it did all make sense to me and was a pretty well made point. I’m a big fan of Amy Poehler, to the point that Katie hates how much I love her (although I do point out that Katie and Amy Poehler are bloody similar in personalities, so she should see it as a positive!), so I was a bit pissed at how little she actually appears in this, but Adam Scott gave me enough Parks & Recreation nostalgia to make up for it. Really interesting thinking that todays adults are really the first to properly come from divorces when they were children, and I liked this films take on that.

They Came Together: This film is a spoof of romantic comedies, and I worry that you could possibly hate it if you didn’t actually realise it was a spoof. Honestly, until it gets really outrageous, it’s so damn good at hiding it’s a spoof that you could be blissfully unaware. Amy Poehler again, this time in a lead role opposite my man Paul Rudd. Some genuine laugh out loud moments in this, and some insane cameos.

While We’re Young: I’m a huge fan of Ben Stiller’s The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, to the point that it’s perhaps one of my favourite films of all time. So when I saw that this was another serious role for him, and that it was similar in style to some of the films mentioned above, I put it on right away. Loved this film, and realised a few hours after finishing it just how much I liked it. Was interrupted by my unplanned trip to the hospital, but picked it up right away when I got back. Ben Stiller does some great films, and if people are only checking out his comedies, then they are missing out. Walter Mitty is better though.

L!fe Happens: A film about a girl who ends up having a baby, and is still living with her friends. Chronicles her attempts to get her life back up and running as a single mother, and generally having to just lose the chip on her shoulder. Decent film, but left no impact on me at all. Not bad like Jupiter Ascending, but not as good as the other films I’ve watched the past few days.

Are You Here: How have I not heard about this film before? Owen Wilson, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler, in a pretty damn serious movie (again about life, a theme in most of the films I’ve watched this past weekend!). I honestly end up enjoying this film more every time I think about it, and I think it will potentially leave a mark. Needs more exposure, as it’s a bloody good movie. Oh, and my girl Amy Poehler is in it, obviously!

True Story: Ironically, considering the name of the film, I had no idea this was based on an actual true story. James Franco and Jonah Hill take on really serious subject matter, about a suspected murder and the journalist who takes an interest in him. I watched this late at night, and I ended up having to try and stay awake for a while after as I didn’t fancy going to sleep right away considering some of the subject matter in this movie. Hell of a film though, and it really grabs hold of you from start to finish.

So yeah, 10 movies in four days. Now to go watch another one. It’s called Baby Mama, and just by chance happens to feature Amy Poehler.


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