Basket = Done

When Katie returned from her trip back home this weekend, she brought with her numerous pieces of baby gear that we still had back at her parents house in Cardiff. Amongst them, the Moses Basket that my parents bought for us as a present (along with an absolutely ridiculous amount of extra things too!).

I decided not to waste any time, and get the basket put together today. Okay, that’s a slight lie as I wrongly remembered the stand as being already constructed, so I had assumed I’d just be pulling it out of the box and standing it up. Oh, how my memory failed me.

The basket was constructed, of course, but the stand was not. In fact, it was in numerous pieces, and the very confusing instructions turned what should have been an easy job into a rather complicated one. But, after using my own common sense (which included realising after about 10 minutes that my power drill wasn’t putting the screws in properly because I’d set it to remove screws, not push them in), I built the stand and had my Moses Basket set up ready for my baby when he arrived. I even had to drill some holes into the support bands, which were missing for some reason.



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