The Force was Awakened…

It is inevitable that my son will one day watch Star Wars. I have accepted this fact, and even though I’m not particularly a fan of the franchise, I’ve started to get excited at the thought of being with my boy the first time he watches Luke Skywalker face off against Darth Vader. Without question, he’s going to love himself some lightsaber battles! Hell, who doesn’t?

Star Wars fan or not, there was no way I was going to miss out on seeing the latest movie at the cinema. I’m a big fan of cinema events, and even as a teenager I sat through each of the prequel films at the cinema just so I could one day say I saw those films at the theatre rather than on home video, etc. I even saw Revenge Of The Sith at a midnight screening, leading to a very odd moment where I was having a piss in the toilets, and to one side of me was Obi Wan Kenobi taking a piss, and on the other side was Darth Vader doing the same. I really did think I was out of my element with all those costumes on show!


The Force Awakens was a much different experience for me. For one, I went to see it alone, and secondly, it was actually a good movie.

Originally, Katie was going to come with me to see the movie today, two days after the movie launched. Those plans went out the window for various reasons, and in truth I think that Katie might have been a little relieved – she claims to hate this kind of film! As such, I decided to not risk seeing any spoilers (of which there are plenty in this review, just to warn you!), and went to see it after I finished work yesterday.

Salted popcorn, Coca Cola, and a hot dog were the food and drink of choice, and I quickly took my seat (H24, Screen 7, Cineworld Birmingham – Broad Street) just prior to the trailers. I won’t lie, I was more excited about the Captain America: Civil War trailer than I was the movie it played in front of. That soon changed though.

What a film! There’s not a person in the world that I’d believe if they told me the Star Wars music doesn’t get them excited, and as soon as it kicked in at the start of the film, I just had a good feeling. This was a well-made film, and it looked beautiful.

The new cast members were great. So great, in fact, that I almost was disappointed when Han Solo and Chewie showed up. Yes, their appearance in this movie was fun, and it certainly served a key purpose in the case of the former, but for me it didn’t need to happen. The film was doing absolutely fine without any of the old guard.


One reappearance that I did really enjoy was that of the Millenium Falcon. The first shot of this iconic ship was brilliant, if not a little convenient. Regardless, this was a great introduction to the new trilogy for the old ship.

The action scenes were big, as is always the case in Hollywood movies these days. They worked well though, and I guess this is an area in which Star Wars has never really struggled. There would have likely been outrage if this movie hadn’t had great action scenes.


I did have a few issues with the movie. For one, it’s villain was rather weak.

I loved this guys backstory, and it left a lot of room for further development and revelations in the next movie. But in their attempts to show us this characters journey to being a bad ass villain further down the line, they presented us with a character who at this point in his journey simply didn’t seem big league enough to be the principal villain in a Star Wars film. Maybe my opinion will change when the whole trilogy is complete though?

There was a hugely significant moment in the final act, which will go down in Star Wars history. I won’t spoil that here, but you’ll know it when you see it. I enjoyed it, and it was well made, but it was sign posted to the point that I would’ve been more surprised if it didn’t happen.

So yes, I enjoyed this movie, and without question it’s one that I think parents and children will enjoy watching together. I look forward to when I get to do that too.

P.S. I love BB-8. Possibly the best character in the whole movie!


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