Serenity Maternity Unit

Saturday 11th December 2015 is a day that I’ll likely always remember, when thinking back to Katie’s pregnancy. It was a day of many firsts, some being positive, and some being just downright weird.

  1. I attended a seminar on child birth.
  2. I saw the birthing suites in which my son is intended be born.
  3. I sat in a room with eight different pregnant women all present at the same time.
  4. I became the only partner to say that his fear was how much pain his pregnant lady would cause him during birth. All other men in the room stated that their fear was seeing their lady in pain and not being able to help. Without question, they were sucking up.
  5. I saw where the gas is kept in each room, and happily accepted that I’m no doubt going to need it myself when the time comes.
  6. I developed an incredible hatred for a pregnant woman who had done nothing wrong other than be rather pathetic about her pregnancy, and always getting her bare feet out.
  7. For nearly two hours, I heard a woman giving birth in the room next to us.

I could bore you with all the extra details, but I’m falling asleep as I write this. I’ll pick up on that last point though, and say that whilst Katie looked terrified as she heard the woman shouting and screaming, I was focused on how incredible it was that we were overhearing a new life beginning. Someone’s daughter, someone’s future wife, someone’s future mother!

Her scream of “Oh my god!” will live with me forever though, that said. Baby came a few minutes after though, so that was a positive!

We also had a chance to see the birthing suite, which is lovely. This was nothing like what I’ve watched on TV and film my whole life. It was like a children’s playroom, but for adults! Such a nice vibe, although I’m freaked out at this idea that Katie will simply be moving around the room trying different techniques to bring the baby out. Just doesn’t seem very…sterile? I’m sure they’re experienced enough to know better than me though!

It’s all coming together, and Harrison is due in 6 weeks and two days. Anti-natal classes are next!


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