NXT Live in Nottingham

It’s not very often that I go to Nottingham, England. In fact, I can only remember one other time, which was for the funeral of my Great Uncle Fred recently. This time, however, my visit was completely recreational and 100% fun.

When I was a kid, I watched WWF. Who didn’t? I remember being maybe 9 or 10 years old, and whenever there had been a PPV on TV or some other event, my parent would record it on VHS for me and I’d get to watch it in their bedroom on their small TV after school.

Jake the Snake Roberts, Shaun Michaels, the British Bulldog, and Goldust – just a few of the colourful characters I remember from my childhood. Of course, later I would have the fun spoiled forever when my father insisted on telling me it was fake. Took me the longest time to believe him, but eventually I did.

A few years later, I got into WWF again, and this time it didn’t matter that it was all supposedly fake. I was a 13/14 year old boy, and on my tv were people like Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, and more. The women would get half naked, the blokes would beat the hell out of each other, and the storylines were absolute magic. Honestly, at that time, there was nothing better on TV in my opinion!

Roll on my 16th birthday, and with it my first job, which meant little time for my beloved wrestling. So, I lost touch with it for many years.

Fast forward to January 2008, and I’m heading to my mates house for a night of gaming. They’d meet up monthly to play each other othe wrestling game they had, but I’d not been able to take part as I was working full time at that point. But this time I was going to, and I had great fun. A few weeks later, I was watchingmy first WWE PPV in years, and I was back I love with it.

It doesn’t matter that the product is pre-determined. The show is about the athletes and the storylines, and if both of those are good, then the whole experience of watching it is still good. In nearly 8 years of being a fan again, I still get drawn in by a big feud. That said, I have limited my viewing now, as I just don’t enjoy their PG kid-friendly approach now.


However, I do love their other show, NXT. This is a side project for them that has grown HUGE in the past near two years, and it’s where the guys and girls who are going to be WWE’s next top stars perform nightly until their get the big call up to the main roster. NXT is well written, and bloody enjoyable to watch, two things that WWE unfortunately can’t claim of their actual main shows.

NXT is so big now, that they’ve started touring it around the country (USA). Then it got BIGGER, and they decided to bring it to the UK for a live televised event (this coming Wednesday, 16th December 2015), along with some smaller shows across the country. Annoyingly, they didn’t schedule a show in Birmingham, which would’ve been easier for me, but they did schedule one just over an hour away in Nottingham. I snapped up two tickets, one for me, one for Katie.

As we got closer to the date (14th December 2015), I started wondering if Katie would actually feel comfortable at the event. She’s got a massive bump now, and gets tired easily, so I did have some silent alarm bells going off in my head. By Friday or Saturday this past weekend, she’d confirmed herself that she didn’t feel up to attending, especially with the driving that would be involved. As such, I had to make other plans.

Most mates who’d be interested were already planning to go to the Cardiff event the day after mine, so no point asking any of them to come. So, realising an evening on my own awaited me, along with no way to get home after the event, I booked a room at the Hilton Hotel in Nottingham (good discount price!).


I didn’t have an enormous amount of time to explore Nottingham. I had a decent room, and tickets to what I knew would be a good show, and that’s all that mattered to me if I’m honest. And I was right, it WAS a good show.

I won’t run down the whole match card, but there were some great quality match ups, and whilst I’m not a huge fan of Bayley on TV, she’s actually great to watch perform live. That girl is going to make a LOT of money in her career, no question. That tag match with her in was possibly a Top 2 match of the night. Top spot, I THINK, has to go to Jason Jordan and Chad Gable’s tag match – crowd loved it, and everything about the match was just great.

The main event was Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin vs Sami Zayn, in a triple threat match. Great fun fight, and a good end to the night.

I’ve not been to a WWE event for over a year, but this NXT one restored my faith a little. Just in time for me to get the baby hooked on it from a young age too!

Photo below of the arena as it was filling up. I just wish I’d got a shot once everyone was in their seat.



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