If looks could kill…

I’ve written previously about the scans I’ve had of my little boy, and how the 4D scan in particular was absolutely amazing. That the 4D scan gave us such a clear look at our sons face was incredible, and I still find myself looking at it almost daily as I count down the final 9.5 weeks until he is due to join us.

Whilst I can already tell that he is a handsome little boy, and will one day break many ladies hearts, I can’t get past one little thing: he appears to have a hint of my own frown when I was a baby.

Being a 1980’s child, there obviously aren’t that many photos of me from when I was in nappies. In fact, I thought I was in possession of them all, until four images surfaced on Facebook a year or so ago. Let me tell you, these photos revealed a startling fact that shakes me to my core every time I view them: I was evil!


There’s nothing cute about that baby! I look so damn serious and pissed off, yet my mother seems to think I’m the cutest thing she’s ever seen. My father appears to be too busy modelling for the camera, but that’s a whole different conversation for another time, I suspect!

I can’t say I’ll be disappointed if my son comes out with that disgusted look on his face that it seems I was always carrying around with me. In truth, it would likely produce some superb photos that I can spend the rest of my life laughing at. I just feel sorry for anyone who’s going to have to tell me he’s beautiful and handsome, when clearly he might just be an evil-looking bastard with no love in his heart to share with the world!

Great photos, mind. Happy to share them!


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