Wheels in motion

You know you’re getting old when you trade in your three door Fiat 500 for a five door Vauxhall Mocca. Well, not me; I already knew I was old. For Katie however, this past weekend was something of an eye opener.

I’m not a driver, at least for the time being, but I can still appreciate a good car. Or at least, a shiny one. For that reason alone, I had quite the soft spot for Katie’s little red Fiat 500. Cute little thing, it was. Practical for a family with a dog, it was not.

As such, Katie traded in this past weekend, and picked up a new beast of a car. Photos don’t do it justice, it’s a monster. Five doors, and a place for our dog to go now (the boot!). Pretty ideal.


Problem is, this happened the same day that Katie entered her third trimester. Now, I don’t know an awful lot about the third trimester other than it being the time that the baby is born. Imagine my surprise when she turned into a blubbering mess on Saturday, shedding tears over everything she possibly could, most notably the loss of her Fiat 500.

“Third trimester is a BITCH!” I heard her screaming at about 9am on day one of the third trimester. Suddenly, I got worried about the next 12 weeks.

That said, she was a champ after that. Emotions in check, she drove us down to Cardiff, leaving me to go to the football whilst she headed to her parents, and then to the home of her new car. I wouldn’t see her again for a few hours, but when I did, she was pulling up beside me in her new monster truck, honking her horn like a pro.

This new car is built like a brick house, which Katie feels a lot more comfortable in given that she’ll soon be driving a baby around. It’s also bigger inside, and has easier access to the back seats, which will be key once the baby is born. It also comes with a massive boot which is perfect for Reno, so we can take him with us on all our big days out.

Katie was depressed that this represented an absolute shift in her life priorities. “No more partying!” I recall her saying. But it was easy to tell that she was very excited not just to have a new car, but to be getting herself further prepared for the arrival of Baby.

There might be no more partying, but there’s going to be much more family time, and that will be even better.


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