The beat…

You may remember how angry I was several weeks ago, when I missed a midwife appointment due to work. At this particular appointment, Katie was able to listen to the heartbeat of our baby for the first time, which really annoyed me as I’d wanted to hear it for such a long time.

Today, I finally had my chance to listen.

As they took Katie over to the bed, ready to listen in on our little boy, I suddenly felt rather silly and unsure of myself. Was I meant to go to the bed with her, or was I meant to just stay in my chair about two metres away? To be safe, I chose the latter.

Within moments, the sound of an active little heartbeat filled the room. It was beautiful.

Katie’s eyes caught mine, and it was at that exact same moment that I realised a massive smile was forming on my face, one which I had no control over. I hear my sisters heart beating back when I was 11 years old, but this was different. This was magical. This was my baby I could hear.

It was absolutely worth the wait, and everything was absolutely fine I’m told. Much better midwife this time too, considering how awful our regular midwife is.

I got a little excited after, and decided to book us in for a 4D scan tomorrow morning. I’ve sold out on all of my beliefs regarding the invasion of a private period for a developing baby, but I just can’t resist the chance of seeing his beautiful little face.

Photos will most certainly follow…


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