Look Who’s Talking

A few weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that Katie has never seen the 1989 classic Look Who’s Talking. It was then highlighted yet again in a conversation with her mother, a few days later. At that point, I knew I had to take action.

Look Who's Talking (1989)

For some reason, I thought the movie was on Netflix, so I did a quick search to see which particular Netflix region had it, but none showed up. Defeated in my attempt at a quick viewing of it, I jumped on Amazon, thinking I’d simply go about ordering it on bluray. Guess what? No such luck – it isn’t even on bluray, it seems!

I had a look, and couldn’t even find a proper UK release of it on DVD. Finally, and perhaps a sign that I was absolutely meant to watch this film again at this exact time in my life, I found a listing for a box set of the three movies due to be released on 26th October 2015. What’s the chances of that?

I had to wait a week or two for it, but finally the 26th October arrived, and so today the postman delivered me my very cheap but very awesome set of all three Look Who’s Talking movies.

We managed to squeeze it in before the football this evening, and I’ve got to say, it’s still great. I’ve only seen it a few times in my life, the first being when I was a young boy, and was completely in awe of it at the time. It’s been years and years since I saw it last, but unlike some older films, it still holds its charm even now.

I think Katie was a bit hesitant at first, and thought maybe her mother and I had hyped the film up a bit too much. But as soon as the baby started growing inside the beautiful Kirstie Alley (beautiful back in the 1980’s at least!), and Bruce Willis’s voice work kicked in, Katie was loving it. Throw in a great turn from John Travolta, and I think she may have actually fallen in love with this movie.

One thing that has surprised me, watching this back, is just how open it was with sex talk amongst it’s female characters. In 2015, we are used to this, but I can’t say I’m at all familiar with anything mainstream from around the time of this movie that had a female lead so candidly discuss sexual performance, and lack of sex. Ahead of its time, a little? Maybe, or maybe not – can’t say I’m all that familiar with too many 1980’s films given I was only born in ’86 myself!

Satisfied that my lady has now seen one of the classic Hollywood baby movies, I’ve now agreed to watch the two sequels with her. I have only even seen Look Who’s Talking Too as a youngster, but recall it being pretty decent. I’m not so excited to watch the final film though, as I don’t think the talking dog-led Look Who’s Talking Now was any good at all. Maybe I’ll appreciate it for its ’90s awfulness now though?

After that, I believe I’m going to have to sit Katie down with Three Men and a Baby, as that appears to be another old classic she’s never seen. I swear, there’s only 4 years between her and I, but she makes me feel like an old man sometimes!

The downside of watching these movies is that it’s making me a little impatient when it comes to my own child. We’ve got less than 14 weeks until the due date, but at this point I just want to meet the little man now! Maybe I should read some horror baby articles online to put me off for a bit longer?

UK readers can purchase the Look Who’s Talking box set here, for only £6.99.


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