Feeling blessed

Whilst I wasn’t present for the girly shenanigans, today was Katie’s baby shower, and from what I’ve been told there were lots of tears as friends old and new gathered at her family home to celebrate with her.

I was a little jealous, if I’m honest. Not because I wanted to be the centre of attention myself, but because it felt like this was the first significant moment for people to show their love for both my partner and my child, but I missed it. Such an outpouring of love for the two most important things in my life, and I didn’t get to witness it!

I’ve not seen many photos yet, nor have I really had a chance to find out what gifts we were lucky enough to receive. I did receive the following photo from my sister just prior though, of the gift she’d put together for us.

Baby Shower gift from my sister

Awesome isn’t it? My sister has topped herself yet again, as her hampers now go from being well thought out, to bloody well designed now too!

I get to see my lady again tomorrow, at which point I can go through the presents and truly take stock of the effort everyone went to. I’m immensely grateful for all of them, as I know Katie and my future son are.

What has truly touched me, though, is just how wonderful everyone has been. People came from all over the UK, one even from Italy, just to celebrate Katie’s pregnancy and that’s awesome. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it, and the fact that my son is being born to a woman who has people who would do THAT for her…well that just makes me so thankful and amazed.

I really wish I’d been there, but tomorrow is going to be so much fun going through the gifts with Katie. It also means we can FINALLY start buying ourselves too, as we’ve had to hold off for a while until we knew what we were receiving from other people, etc. My bank balance is ready to be smashed, and I couldn’t be happier about it!

Photos of the presents to follow, as will photos of the baby nursery once it’s completed this week. Exciting times, and only three months to go!


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