Dad Bashing

I read an interesting article last night. Actually, I read several, and ended up staying awake far later than I planned. One that stuck with me was titled Dad Bashing: Why it Needs to Stop.

It’s unlikely I could sit here and highlight exactly why it was that this particular article made the impression it did, but if I had to hazard a guess, it’s probably because it acknowledged something I’m actually terrified of deep down: doing “dad” wrong, and getting ripped to shreds for it!

I have been consciously aware, since day one, that there will be people criticising my parenting skills and techniques. In fact, I pretty much identified who those people would be, too; the generation above me. You see, all the advice from experts has apparently changed since the days when my parents and their siblings were having children, so I’ve long since accepted that following the new practices would be frowned upon by those who did it differently back in the day (making my baby sleep on his back, as opposed to on his front like how I was no doubt made to sleep).

What I hadn’t quite considered was that I’d suck at the little things, like keeping the house clean, not doing enough for my lady, not putting clothes on the baby correctly, and so on. As a result, it had never even entered my mind that failure at these small tasks might actually result in the dreaded “dad bashing,” possibly led by my sons mother!

Dad Bashing is a thing, it seems. Such a big thing, in fact, that some women are now writing articles about how it needs to stop. Respect to those women, as they seem to have my back, and I’m very grateful for it!

As I write this, I think I’ve actually come to realise why it is that the article scared me so much. What if the Dad Bashing actually carries over to my son? What if, in however many years, he starts talking about how rubbish a father I was?

I guess every son does that, actually. We all think we could’ve done a better job at being Dad. I guess I just have to stop worrying, and just be confident in the knowledge that I am going to give this parenting business my absolute all.

If I do something that causes some Dad Bashing, well I challenge any of those bashers to love my kid more than me, or try harder than I’ll be trying. Because trust me, I’ll be trying hard!


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