Late night thoughts…

I’ve attempted to write several entries this week, but sadly they’ve never made it past the first or second paragraph? Why? Because I continue to choose the rather rediculous late night hours to write down my thoughts.

With the constant flow of real life seemingly taking all of my attention, I often find that it’s the moment I get into bed that I can properly switch off from the “real world” and think about my upcoming new one. Sometimes that leads to constructive baby progress (even if just a browse through Pinterest…), other times it leads to be falling asleep after only a few minutes.

Today, I enjoyed the first of 15 days off work. It’s my longest stretch of time off since April 2014 and it is long overdue. “Unbelievably burnt out” doesn’t even describe how I’ve been feeling recently.

These two weeks are going to be a lot of fun. I’ve got various football games to attend, as well as a trip to Harry Potter world, or whatever it’s called. Most importantly, the second week is going to be spent with Katie, as she’s also off work – it’s going to be our final week off together alone, ever! Next time, the baby will be here…crazy!

Most of my time is going to be spent switching our bedroom to the front room upstairs, so that Baby can have his nursery set up in what is currently our bedroom. I can’t begin to describe to you how difficult a task that is, compared to Katie’s initial request that I just turn the junk-filled front room into a nursery. The latter would’ve been too simple, I suppose, and women will be women…

I’m actually looking forward to doing it, and putting together all my babies furniture. I’ve never been very good at DIY, but that has to change now that I’m going to be a father, as its fully expected that a father can do all the DIY in his home and for his family. I buy into that belief, and so I’ll either become great with a power drill, or die trying. Photos to follow.

P.S. Both sets of parents met, and had a great evening. Shockingly, I was the last man standing! I’m so happy that they all know each other now – it’s important for us, but most importantly it’s important for Baby.


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