The challenge of recruiting new team members for your workplace

In my job, I am always recruiting. Trying to find the right person(s) to join my team(s) can be an arduous task, and in a world where I receive 400+ applications for each position I advertise, it’s safe to say that I put a lot of time into finding those great people that I want to come and work with me.

I sift through hundreds of applications, and find the few that truly appeal to me. The others will almost always receive a rejection letter, given how easy it is to do that now with the online recruiting websites. Good experience is the key to getting an interview, and then the interview is often an opportunity for me to just meet them in person, and get a feel for their personality and how that would fit into my already existing team. I often say, if you’ve been invited to an interview with me, that means I’d likely hire you based on your CV. The interview is the personality test which, in my line of work, is possibly the most important part of the entire recruitment process. Continue reading →


Newborn photography – save your money!

After toying with a side business in photography a number of years ago, I’m lucky enough to have myself a Canon 600D SLR. For anyone not in the know, that’s a pretty decent camera. And for a guy who didn’t have a clue how to use a lens and such when be brought it, it’s a bloody amazing camera. Sadly, it’s spent a lot of years stored away in a nice little bag.

Baby photography costs a lot of money, it turns out. Too much, in fact. Far too much. So, when it came to wanting some decent photos of my son, I decided to look into doing it myself. Time got away from me not long after, and ultimately I didn’t explore this area anywhere near as much as I would’ve liked, but below are two photos I took on a whim with my 600D that I decided to give the professional touch, following five simple steps in a guide at Continue reading →

2nd February

The 2nd February is a significant date in my family. On that day, in 1998, my little sister was born. Now, she has to share her birthday with my son, as Harrison was born just after midnight on the same date, exactly 18 years later. For anyone doing the maths, that was just over six weeks ago at the time of writing this.


My first time holding my son, not long after his birth

It’s incredible how difficult it’s been to find time to even think about writing here, let alone actually do it. As any new parent reading this will know, and as I also know all too well now, free time comes at a minimum when you have a newborn baby. At this exact moment in time though, Harrison is upstairs having a late supper, and I’ve got the opportunity to pull out my laptop and quickly confirm that my baby was born healthy, and it absolutely perfect in every single way.

More soon!

It’s been a cinematic start to the year…

With a lot of free time on my hands before the arrival of Baby, and a partner who’s spending most of her time either at work or in bed trying to rid herself of her sickness, I’ve found myself watching a lot of films on Netflix these past few years. So, some quick thoughts on them:

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Unplanned hospital visit

It’s a funny thing, being a parent. And I say that before I’ve actually become a parent.

I don’t know who specifically ever said it to me, perhaps it was a lot of people, and perhaps I heard it in a film too, but I’ve always remembered being told that as soon as you have children you’ll spend the rest of your life worrying about their wellbeing. Today, that really hit home for me.

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